File Naming Conventions

How To Make A Website > Search Engine Optimization > File Naming Conventions File naming conventions refers to the method that you name each of your web pages. This is an EXTREMELY important part of search engine optimization. I hate using all capital letters but I can’t stress enough the importance of file naming. The best way to think of it is that this is a way that you’re directly telling a search engine what the content is on that specific page. It’s important to do your keyword research before you name files because once a search engine has indexed your page it’s not recommended that you change file names. What Are File Naming Conventions File name conventions, again, are the way that you name your web pages so that search engines can use it as a method of determining what your web page is about. It’s important that you use these names wisely and not abuse them. Consider this, you have a web page about search engine tools. If you didn’t use a standard file naming convention you may name it webpage1.htm. A search engine could still crawl the web page to determine the subject matter but they give relevancy to the file names. A better way to name the page would be to name it This is specifically telling the search engines that this page is related to ‘search engine tools’. This is valuable because at this point search engines will use this data when determining the subject matter of your web page. To ‘Dash’ Or ‘Underscore’ When naming your files it’s recommended that you separate your keywords with a dash. If you take a look at the file name that I gave this page you’ll find that I named it with the use of dashes, file-naming-conventions.htm. Matt Cutts, a famed Google engineer, writes one of the most visited blogs on the internet for webmasters as he’ll give tips and tricks on various workings of Google and how to achieve decent rankings. He wrote a specific post on the use of ‘dashes’ or ‘underscores’ that may shed some light on the subject. You can find the page at dashes vs. underscores. Using Your Popular Keywords When you’re naming a page it’s important to find out if the keywords are even searched. For instance when I named this page I did a keyword query at WordTracker to find out what the most common phrases that are typed in regards to file naming. I found that the keywords, ‘file naming convention’ is a popular search term so I included that in my file name and of course, separated...

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